Lone Mountain Aircraft was founded on the belief that buying or selling an aircraft should be turbulence-free. As the years have passed, we have added to our list of services in order to help clients throughout their ownership experience, long past the transaction. Our latest company, Lone Mountain Aircraft Management, was added in 2018 to serve our jet clients looking to streamline flight operations and maximize their aircraft’s potential.

“We are delighted to have management added to our list of capabilities,” said Mark Rogers, LMA president. “It’s been well-received and has proven to be of good value for our clients.”

Clients under management benefit from a variety of services, including financial oversight and accounting, crewmember employment, and aircraft & crew scheduling, as well as negotiating and arranging maintenance, hangar, fuel, and more.


“With management in place, our customers don’t have to worry about negotiating their schedule, maintenance, or other details that can cause ownership to feel like a chore,” said Megan Gooch, with Lone Mountain Aircraft Management. “We take that burden off their shoulders, so they can just enjoy their aircraft.”

LMA Management is serving a variety of managed co-ownership clients under Partners in Aviation (PIA), a company that matches two regionally based co-owners to share in the cost of ownership. The structure provides access comparable to sole ownership while reducing both risks and costs.

“I trust Lone Mountain to handle my clients’ management because of their high-touch service and professionalism,” said Mark Molloy, PIA President. “Management is a key to success for our program. With a professional management company in place, there is no need for co-owners to negotiate or risk disagreements. Lone Mountain Management has been an invaluable strategic partner for our clients.” Are you interested in learning more about how Lone Mountain Management can help you? Contact Megan Gooch at MGooch@LoneMtn.com or call 1-888-566-3686.

To learn more about Partners in Aviation, go to PartnersInAviation.com

From analog dials and gauges to parachutes and autoland capabilities, the technology rate of change over the last 15 years has dramatically impacted the art and safety of flying. In a world that has traditionally been slow to change, general aviation is now rapidly advancing with innovative technology. As experts in advanced, high-performance aircraft, Lone Mountain is dedicated to understanding emerging aircraft technology and its impact on the market for our clients. 


Over the years, we’ve not only witnessed multiple iterations of various aircraft models, but we’ve flown them first-hand. In 2004, we experienced a dramatic shift as the introduction of glass panels provided a platform for all sorts of technological advancements, including synthetic vision, electronic charts, weather data link and more. Owner-pilots today have a host of technology options that can increase the safety and ease of operating an aircraft. 


Just last quarter, Garmin announced its Emergency Autoland system, the third component of the Autonomi suite built into the G3000 flight deck. The technology allows pilots and passengers to engage Autoland with a single push of a button or automatically activates if it concludes the pilot is unable to fly. The aircraft then determines the most optimal airport and runway, flies a precision GPS approach and lands itself, all while taking into account obstacles, weather, and terrain. 


Autoland will soon be available on select G3000 system-equipped aircraft, including the 2020 Cirrus Vision Jet and the 2020 Piper M600. Some earlier model Vision Jets can be retrofitted with Autoland.


While technological advancements are certainly exciting, our team understands they can also bring uncertainty to the table. What technology should you expect to find in certain vintages of aircraft? What aircraft can be retrofitted? Which pre-owned models were delivered from the factory with the features you are looking for and which weren’t? 


For over a decade, we’ve helped over 2,000 clients with the purchase or sale of a technologically advanced aircraft. If you are curious about your current aircraft’s technology options or have questions regarding your next aircraft of choice, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


It’s the holiday season, which inevitably means it’s the season of travel! While millions of people will spend time sitting in a traffic jam on the interstate, pilots have the unique advantage of getting to our favorite locations quickly. Before you take off, our team wants to provide a few practical travel resources so you can enjoy the holidays and get where you’re going safely.


Be Prepared for the Cold.
‘Tis the season of cold weather and ice. We recommend looking over the below list of resources to help you prepare for ice and cold weather flight operations. Included below are reminders for preflight, operation, takeoff, landing, postflight and more.

Cold Weather Operations Checklist for VFR Flights
FAA Winter Flying Resources
11 Winter Flying Tips


Have a Survival Plan.
While it’s unlikely to have an unplanned off-airport landing, it’s important to have a plan just in case. To get started making your plan, we suggest you take a look at AOPA’s Survival Safety Resources.


Be Ready to Make Decisions.
While the holidays are filled with tradition and the joys of friends and family, remember getting to your destination quickly isn’t worth negotiating your passengers’ safety. This leaflet serves as a good reminder of our responsibilities as pilots to make the wisest decisions in a variety of situations: Decision Making for General Aviation Pilots.


The holidays are a time to gather together with those you love most. We hope these resources and reminders can help you arrive at your destination safely so you can unplug and enjoy time with friends and family. Stay safe this holiday season…and be sure to watch out for registered reindeer in the sky!

Our team at Lone Mountain Aircraft is excited to announce that we are officially expanding our footprint into Europe with the addition of our first-ever European-based representative, Philippe Polman. Based out of London, Philippe will help provide European aircraft owners with the same peace-of-mind LMA has sought to provide its clients in the U.S. for over a decade.

“I’m delighted to join forces with Lone Mountain to deepen the company’s premium level of service to European clients and continue its focus of providing turbulence-free transactions,” said Philippe. 

According to Philippe, a factor that makes Lone Mountain unique in Europe is its sole-focus on pre-owned aircraft.

“This is an exciting time for general aviation in Europe and there is significant potential for growth in the market. Our dedication to the pre-owned sector provides many advantages to owners, one being that we often take aircraft in on trade – not necessarily contingent on a purchase,” said Philippe. 

International experience is nothing new for Lone Mountain or Philippe. Our team has assisted in international transactions many times while Philippe, originally from Switzerland, has been a part of the general aviation world in both markets for nearly 20 years.

In addition to his position as Lone Mountain’s European representative, Philippe is director of Elite Aero Services, a premium flight school and aviation business consultancy. He founded Elite Aero following several years as the London-based sales director for Cirrus Aircraft, where he expanded the company’s client support capabilities in Europe, developed new sales strategies and built a broad network of relationships to benefit aircraft owners and pilots. 

Philippe is also the founder of the London Flying Club, bringing together aviators for networking events in central London, UK. In addition to his career in aviation, he has a global background in corporate communications, with experience across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. 

If you have any questions for Philippe, you can contact him via email at ppolman@lonemtn.com. Welcome to the team, Philippe!


It’s been an exciting start to the year for Lone Mountain Aircraft as we continue to find new and innovative ways to serve our clients. We want to take a minute and update you on a few of the ways we are improving our services so you are more equipped throughout your ownership journey.

Aircraft Sales: Serving More, Serving Better

We wrapped up 2018 serving a total of 174 clients in their purchase of an aircraft, including a record number of clients stepping up from high-performance piston-singles to turbine aircraft. As the World’s Leading Cirrus Reseller for the last decade, we love helping clients with piston to turbine transitions. Along with those 174 purchasing clients we had 5 acquisition clients that we had the privilege of aiding as well. In 2018, we had the privilege of assisting 21 customers in their purchase of a jet or turboprop, with transaction sizes ranging from one to 15 million.

While we are continuously growing our expertise team, we are also working to match our many years of experience in the jet and turboprop world with an increase in communication efforts for this segment. Clients can now find a separate web presence for Lone Mountain Jets at LMAJets.com, where they have the option to opt-in for quarterly reports specific to their current aircraft or aircraft of interest.

Aircraft Finance: Introducing AvCap Financial

Lone Mountain Aircraft Finance also wrapped up 2018 with a record year, and is finding innovative ways to reach more clients in 2019. While our finance team certainly loves serving Lone Mountain Aircraft clients, it is often unknown that we also help clients purchasing aircraft via other sellers. To eliminate confusion for those buyers, we have decided to rebrand our finance company and are excited to introduce AvCap Financial – a company that makes aircraft financing simple. Our concierge-like service and long-time industry relationships allow our clients to breeze through closing and get in the air faster. Be on the lookout for a separate web presence for AvCap, which is expected to launch by Q3.

In the meantime, any questions about aircraft financing can be directed to Kevin Gregor at KGregor@lonemtn.com .  

Aircraft Maintenance: A Full-Service Cirrus Authorized Service Center

If you haven’t heard the news yet, our Ohio maintenance facility is officially a full-service Cirrus Authorized Service Center. Led by four senior technicians with over 100 years of combined experience, customers of LMA maintenance can trust that a team of trained and seasoned industry experts is handling their aircraft with care and professionalism. We are currently offering bundled pricing options for 2019 upgrades including DFC90 Autopilot, Beringer Brake, Kelly Aerospace Air Conditioning and CAPS Overhaul. For more information, contact us at (888) 566-3686 or info@lonemountainmx.com.

Just over 10 years ago, we opened our doors for the first time with a vision to become an invaluable resource for operators throughout their aircraft-ownership experience. Today we continue that vision by strategically adding offerings for our clients and bettering the quality of our service. Contact us at any time at info@lonemtn.com or (888) 566-3686.

If you are interested in receiving quarterly reports on your aircraft, please email us your name, contact info and aircraft of interest to info@lonemtn.com.


On Tuesday, Jan. 8, Cirrus Aircraft announced the launch of the next generation of the SF50 Vision Jet. The ‘G2’ follows its predecessor two years after the first generation release. Dubbed the world’s first single-engine personal jet, the SF50 has proven major value in the owner-flown space.

The G2 SF50 will provide an increase in cruise altitude, speed and range, allowing pilots to go higher, faster and farther. It also includes a category-first autothrottle, flight stream connectivity, the newly-upgraded Perspective Touch+TM by Garmin® flight deck, and numerous cabin updates including new executive seats, noise-reduction technology and a passenger productivity console.

Our team at Lone Mountain Aircraft understands that the introduction of the G2 brings about many questions for owner-operators in this space. We’ve worked diligently over the years following every new generation of Cirrus aircraft so we can help clients navigate the complexities of the market to their benefit, and the introduction of the G2 SF50 is no exception.

Lone Mountain is one of only two authorized Cirrus SR/SF Certified PreFlown partners. With three SF50 type-rated sales reps, one of who will be managing and flying one of the first G2s being delivered, our team is passionate about helping clients understand the aircraft’s features and impact on the market. We stand ready to assist and can provide data from the sales of each generation, as well as our expertise in regards to market values.

Call (888-566-3686) or email us today for more information on either generation of the SF50. We look forward to helping you navigate the Vision Jet market!


Just over two years old, the world’s first-ever single-engine personal jet is proving major value in the owner-flown space, but experts in the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet are few and far between. The Lone Mountain team is dedicated to not only understanding the Vision Jet on paper, but also in experience. Three LMA team members are now type-rated in the SF50, with plans to continue adding to that number.

“The SF50 is an incredible asset for owner pilots,” said Mark Rogers, Lone Mountain CEO. “We’ve sold a number of positions over the last few years and are already in the process of selling a pre-owned Vision Jet. Our customers deserve the most comprehensive knowledge possible, which is why our sales team continues to get type-rated. Plus, we just enjoy flying it, so it’s a win-win.”

The Vision Jet is designed to be owner-flown. Flight training includes online learning modules and a two-day touch-trainer course, in addition to the 10-day type rating course which combines classroom and training in the full-motion simulator.

Three Pilots Receive SF50 Type Ratings

Atlanta-based sales representative Daniel Christman was the first on the LMA team to receive the type-rating in May of 2017. Previously a Cirrus Regional Sales Director, Daniel has been involved with Cirrus since November 2003.  He manages and flies a Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet in Atlanta.

“The first time I saw the Cirrus SF50, I knew I wanted this to be the first turbine aircraft I flew,” said Daniel. “It was ‘The Jet’ I had been waiting to fly!”

Mark Egan took a history-making approach to his type rating, using the full-motion Vision Jet simulator and Part 142 Certification housed in the Cirrus Aircraft Vision Center in Knoxville, Tenn. He became the first-ever simulator trained pilot on July 15, 2018.

The Level D simulator is an exact cockpit replica of a Vision Jet, equipped with Cirrus Perspective Touch Avionics. The full-motion Level D flight simulator is built by a leading simulator and flight training device provider, CAE Inc.  

With the type-rating, Mark can speak firsthand of the aircraft’s performance and features to potential Vision Jet owners. Mark also manages and flies a Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet in Knoxville.  

Paul Sallach, who has been with LMA since 2009, was the latest to complete his type-rating, becoming an official Vision Jet pilot in early November. Paul will soon be managing two SF50 Vision Jets in Las Vegas, and is now offering Vision Jet experiences for pilots looking to get their hands on the controls. According to Paul, he is excited to help LMA clients decide if the Vision Jet is right for them.

Why the Vision Jet?

“The Vision Jet is for a businessperson who is trying to get deals done in regional locations, or people who want to get away without the hassle of commercial travel,” said Paul. “It’s a type of freedom that most people don’t even realize exists.”

With several Vision Jet positions still available as well as two pre-owned SF5os in inventory, the LMA team has the know-how to get the aircraft into clients’ hands. The accessibility for potential owners to talk to someone who has first-hand experience with the Vision Jet is invaluable.

The Lone Mountain Vision Jet team is uniquely qualified to offer the highest level of service with a purchase or sale of a Cirrus SF50, with demonstration flights, convenient delivery and repositioning flights, and continued pilot services.

The Vision Jet is a market that is steadily growing, and LMA is poised to help clients make the transition to turbine life as smoothly as possible.

Call or email Lone Mountain to find out more about pre-owned and new Vision Jet listings.

LMA Ten Year AnniversaryTen years ago this October, LMA opened its doors for the first time with a vision to become an invaluable resource for pilots throughout their aircraft ownership experience.

Today, the company has served over 1,500 clients and has grown its staff to 27, operating out of five cities around the country.

Take a look at some of the significant events that have helped shape Lone Mountain Aircraft over the years:



Pilot and President Mark Rogers establishes Lone Mountain Aircraft – a company built by pilots for pilots.

LMA is named a Cirrus Authorized Reseller and begins its mission to come alongside pilots during transactions, training and ownership.

Mark begins recruiting exceptional talent including Atlanta-based Daniel Christman, a former factory direct Sales Representative for Cirrus.


Lone Mountain is the highest volume Cirrus Reseller in 2009.

Paul Sallach, former corporate demo pilot for Cirrus Aircraft, joins LMA, based out of Las Vegas. He enables LMA to expand their services for owner-operators with his international flying experience and strong product knowledge.    

Lone Mountain begins serving customers in the turboprop and light jet space, recording its first turboprop transaction, a Piper Meridian purchased for inventory.   


Another talented pilot and team member is found in Jon Stull, who is brought on for his experience in serving clients in Legacy aircraft. Lone Mountain completes several additional turbine aircraft sales, including international transactions.

Former Cirrus Aircraft demo pilot, Dave Niles, comes aboard the Lone Mountain team with commercial, instrument, single and multi-land pilot experience and over 2,000 flight hours.


Lone Mountain hires Kevin Gregor as Controller. His position soon evolves into much more as he begins taking the lead in providing finance opportunities for clients.


The Lone Mountain Aircraft Maintenance Facility opens its doors at the Warren County Airport, Ohio in order to better serve clients.

Ryan Yenger joins the team as the Director of Maintenance, bringing decades of aircraft maintenance experience.   


At five years old, Lone Mountain sells its 500th aircraft. Lone Mountain Aircraft Finance is launched and completes its first finance deal.

Cirrus continues development of the Vision Jet, and Lone Mountain helps many clients acquire or sell Vision Jet Positions.


Mark Egan joins the Lone Mountain team, bringing with him a decade of Cirrus experience, managing the Preowned Sales Program and working in the Flight Operations Department.


LMA’s First Jet is purchased for inventory – a Cessna Citation. This acquisition expands LMA’s abilities as they serve jet customers with finance, acquisition, and management


Another sales team member is added as Mike Grana joins Lone Mountain’s staff with a vast knowledge of turboprops.


Lone Mountain Aircraft Maintenance makes a significant step forward in their ability to serve pilots by becoming an official Cirrus Authorized Service Center, one of only five in the state of Ohio.

Daniel Christman becomes one of the first pilots type rated in the SF50 Vision Jet.

Lone Mountain expands its team by adding two new members. Gordon Ramsay joins the sales team, bringing with him invaluable experience in TBM and Piper aircraft and Jordan Sok is hired as Marketing Director.

In just three years since reaching the halfway mark, Lone Mountain records its 1000th plane sale. It continues to lead Cirrus resales, recording nine consecutive years as highest volume Cirrus reseller.

LMA Finance closes 49 aircraft loans in 2017.   


Though not over yet, 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for LMA:

The business has opened Lone Mountain Flight Training in Lebanon, Ohio – a Cirrus Authorized Training Center (CTC).

A Flight Level Components shop is established and launched.

Sales team member Mark Egan became the first pilot to receive SF-50 type rating in a Vision Jet simulator, further expanding LMA’s service ability to owners and operators.


From the entire team at Lone Mountain, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your aircraft ownership experience throughout the years! We look forward to many more to come.

Lone Mountain Aircraft sales representative, Mark Egan, made history on Wednesday, July 15, as the very first pilot to receive a Cirrus Vision Jet SF-50 Type Rating in the new Cirrus simulator and Part 142 Certification.

The Vision Jet is the world’s first single-engine Personal Jet to receive FAA certification.

Cirrus’ Aircraft Vision Center in Knoxville, Tenn. is home to the full-motion Vision Jet simulator that Egan used to complete his type rating. The Level D simulator is an exact cockpit replica of a Vision Jet, equipped with Cirrus Perspective Touch Avionics. The full-motion Level D flight simulator is built by the world’s leading simulator and flight training device provider, CAE Inc.

Egan, who has been in the aircraft industry for nearly two decades, operates out of Knoxville, Tenn., where the Cirrus Aircraft Vision Center and simulator are located.

His experience with Cirrus – both in sales and in-flight instruction – makes him a perfect candidate to be the Vision simulator’s first patron.

Egan is a certified Platinum Cirrus Instructor with over 5,000 hours in various Cirrus Aircraft. Prior to Joining the Lone Mountain team, he spent nine years of his career at the Cirrus Aircraft Headquarters in Duluth, Minn.

The type rating will allow Mark to do more for Lone Mountain clients by being able to speak first hand of the aircraft’s performance and features, as well as provide demonstration or delivery flights.

He received kudos for his accomplishment at the Cirrus Kickoff Party at EAA AirVenture’s annual event in Oshkosh.

Congrats, Mark! We are proud to have you on the Lone Mountain Aircraft team!

In Lone Mountain’s decade of existence, we have watched a countless number of pilots’ personal and business-lives thrive due to aircraft ownership. But perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of ownership is when a pilot is able to use his or her aircraft for the good of someone else. Whether it’s a call from a friend in the middle of the night with a family emergency, or partnering with a nonprofit to fly a sick child to a surgery, aircraft owners today have a countless number of ways they can use their aircraft for a greater purpose.

That’s why, in celebration of our 10th anniversary this October, we are launching a Flying for Good initiative that challenges pilots to use their aircraft to benefit someone else throughout our anniversary year.

Beginning this October and ending in October of 2019, the Flying for Good initiative is the manifestation of LMA’s desire to use our assets – planes, pilots and aircraft expertise – to benefit others. Our team is kicking off the celebration by committing to fly 10 missions in the month of October.

And we want you to join us.

For the first 10 friends of Lone Mountain to complete a Flying for Good mission with a charitable organization, we will donate $1,000 to that organization.

Some organizations that qualify for the LMA Flying for Good donation include, but are not limited to: Angel Flight, Veterans Airlift Command, Honor Flight, Pilots N Paws and Wings of Hope. These organizations facilitate domestic and global transport for hospital visits, special needs opportunities, humanitarian aid, and animal rescue, among other causes.

Register to be a part of the movement at LoneMountainAircraft.com/FlyingForGood.

We will be updating this page with stories of LMA clients and friends who are Flying for Good throughout the year. You can also find a full list of approved organizations and descriptions here.

It would be an honor to have you join us in our celebration of our 10th anniversary year by Flying For Good.

Find out more at LoneMountainAircraft.com/FlyingForGood.

The number of Americans traveling via commercial airlines each year may be increasing rapidly, but the aviation industry has a problem on the horizon: a shortage of pilots. Boeing recently conducted its Pilot and Technician Outlook for the years 2017-2036, and its findings are astonishing.

In addition to 800,000 cabin crew and 600,000 maintenance technicians, the study projected that the aviation field will need more than half a million new commercial airline pilots to fly the new airplanes entering the world fleet over the next 20 years.

TuskegeeNextTuskegee Next is seeking to prepare a few of those pilots from the ground up – literally and metaphorically. Providing an intense, eight-week aviation course that allows graduates to receive a pilot’s license, the organization is doing more than helping solve the pilot shortage. It’s giving its cadets an opportunity to legally operate an aircraft before most even have a driver’s license.

The idea came from Steve Davis, chairman of the DuPage County Airport Authority Board in Chicago. With a large population of youth living in poverty in his Chicagoland area, Davis wondered how he could provide opportunities for African American teens. He wanted to reconcile the problems he saw within his community with the growing need for careers in the skies.

He took a cue from the Tuskegee Airmen of the World War II era to develop his solution.

The Tuskegee Airmen were the first group of African Americans trained to fly and maintain combat aircraft. The nearly 1,000 Airmen flew in pursuit squadrons on overseas missions from 1941-1946. Despite continuing segregation and racism, the group became one of the most highly awarded fighter groups of World War II.

Honoring the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen, Davis founded Tuskegee Next. Its mission: to “transform the lives of at risk youth through aviation education and career path opportunities, so they can transform their communities.”

The program, which provides models for flight training, life skills, and educational assistance, empowers graduates with purpose. Cadets are able to “soar into the future” with careers as pilots or professionals within the aviation industry. They are transforming their lives, the skies and their communities.

Tuskegee Next has 22 graduates so far, but is aiming higher. Its goal is to have graduated 100 pilots by 2025.

Through strategic partnerships and sponsorships, Tuskegee Next is providing funding for every cadet in the program. Donations can be made at TuskegeeNext.org/donate.

Learn more about Tuskegee Next by visiting TuskegeeNext.org.


With an over three decade career selling new turbine-aircraft, Mark Molloy was encountering a common conundrum – clients desired a newer, more capable aircraft, but as financially prudent businessmen, they were unable to justify the expense in relation to their usage requirements. Many explored options like chartering or owning on a fractional model, but those models also reduced access, increased depreciation, and came at a higher cost.

While partnerships offered the strongest financial path, Molloy observed most ended poorly due to complications, risks and entanglements making many clients hesitant to enter one. Not to mention that finding a partner was much easier said than done. Most would-be partners want someone else to buy the airplane, so they can use it at the “great-uncle” rate.

Molloy set out to solve those issues with longtime friend and aviation marketing veteran Tom Bertels, the genesis of which became Partners In Aviation (PIA). Today, PIA offers a structured program that offers the financial advantages of a partnership with the independence, and peace of mind, that come with sole ownership.

“This is not a partnership, structurally or legally. This is managed co-ownership,” said Molloy. “Our customers fly 100 to 150 hour per year, some more, some less. Because the program is limited to two owner/ operators with a structure that incentivizes good behavior, access is comparable to sole-ownership. You fly your aircraft, on your schedule, but at half the cost.”

PIA offers a comprehensive, well-researched co-ownership agreement that differs from a partnership in four key areas — how it’s owned, how it’s shared, options for exit, and protection from default. It is designed to attract those who can afford the whole aircraft, but who would rather not. The agreements encompass the entire relationship in detail — from program entry to exit.

The company’s strategic partners include some of the best known names in aviation tax and law, as well as maintenance and management. Each match is tailored to the requirements of the owner, including the airplane, base, and crew requirements. PIA counsels, but the client chooses.

“When buying an airplane, it just makes sense to have industry experts on your side of the table,” said Molloy. “We have partnered with the strongest players in the industry, with a reputation for integrity to assist here. Lone Mountain more than meets that definition. They are an integral part of what we offer. Our core competencies compliment each other, allowing us to provide a whole new solution to our customers.”

The model also provides a scheduling system, designed around predetermined control and incentivized access, that allows coowners to have unparalleled aircraft access. According to Molloy, having availability comparable to sole-ownership has been key to the program’s success.

In addition to providing the structure, PIA also provides the match.

“We have built an organization designed to identify, vet and match highly qualified co-owners. Think of us as ‘Match-dot-Com’ for business aircraft,” said Molloy.

Our team at Lone Mountain Aircraft is impressed with the creativity and secure structure PIA provides for owners with low to medium usage requirements. It’s a new look at an old problem, and it’s one that is beginning to shift the business aviation industry one PIA Managed Co-Ownership agreement at a time. For more information on PIA, go to PartnersinAviation.com.

Owner of several companies and working in consulting and private equity, Jay Vierling’s unique approach to business has proven massively effective. With a successful history of advising businesses to rapid growth, Jay quickly found that an aircraft was essential to his mode of operations.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jay first purchased a 2005 Cirrus SR22 GTS to help free him up to move between meetings, consultations, and home with his family. While the Cirrus was certainly a positive step in the right direction, in 2016 Jay found himself needing even more in order to expand operations with his company, AEV Capital. With overseas meetings and the need for more capacity, Jay started searching for something that could go further, longer, and faster than the Cirrus.

After a great deal of investigating, Lone Mountain Aircraft helped Jay find exactly what he was looking for online in a 2002 King Air C90B. There was only one problem. It was in in Léon, France.

Jay leaned on Lone Mountain President and multi-transatlantic pilot Mark Rogers in order to help make a seemingly difficult transaction a reality. Mark immediately went to work helping Jay get through the red tape and legal minutiae in order to purchase and reimport the US-made aircraft from Europe. Within only 45 days, Jay and Mark were crossing into French borders to inspect the King Air and sign the final documentation.

Once the purchase was complete, Jay began working quickly to get his multi-engine pilot’s license in order to fly the aircraft back from Europe – a daunting task for a pilot used to Cirrus’ single-engine piston. Taking it one step at a time, Jay then began studying the systems on the King Air before employing a Lone Mountain recommended professional with King Air multitransatlantic flight experience to help him get the aircraft home.

Once back in the states, Jay had another feat to tackle – the plane’s aesthetics. “It was an ugly bird,” said Jay. “We added an entire new interior, paint, and an avionics suite. It took some work, but I couldn’t be happier with the state it is in now. It fits my exact specifications.”

With time, he became comfortable with the aircraft through repetition, committing to muscle memory the correct steps with the help of mentor pilots keeping him on track. The mentorship time requirement of 60 hours went quickly according to Jay, who enjoyed the experience flying with a variety of Lone Mountain professional pilots.

Looking back on his wild journey of an international plane purchase, switching from piston to turbine, and time of mentorship, Jay concludes: “It was absolutely worth it. Having somebody lead you through the process that has been there and done it successfully, will not only save a lot of time and money, but will also potentially save you from making a bad decision.”

Jay and his wife Marielou now use the aircraft as a tool for business operations and family life, easily traveling between their two home bases in Ohio and South Carolina. The King Air has allowed Jay to secure significant deals with several clients simply because of the ability to meet with them before competitors.

Even more importantly, it has given Jay and Marielou the ability to be with those they care about most. Jay loves to fill his King Air up with his four grandchildren – or as he calls them, “flight attendants” – taking them to places they’ve never been before.

Our team of pilots at Lone Mountain Aircraft enjoy helping businessmen and women find the aircraft suitable for their day-to-day operations – no matter where it is located. For more information on AEV Capital, go to AEVcapital.com. 

As the Director of Operations at GreatAmerica Financial Services headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, being a pilot offers Martin Golobic a major advantage to running the business. Golobic’s love affair with planes started as a young child on his flights back and forth to Europe, his parents’ birthplace. Invited on the flight deck as a boy, he knew he wanted to one day be a pilot and his dream became a reality 18 years ago when he learned to fly in a Cessna 150. Quickly working his way through a Cessna 172 and Piper Warrior, his family eventually went on to purchase a Cessna 182 in 2003 when he was still a college student.

When Iowa faced a serious flood in 2008, Martin was able to use the aircraft to travel to displaced employees working from all over Eastern Iowa. The plane allowed his father, owner of Great America Financial, to maintain his long-standing tradition of handing out payroll checks in person to his employees. Without the aircraft, they never would have been able to accomplish that in a single day.

Martin traded his 182 for a Piper Matrix, allowing him to go faster and carry more passengers. It did not take long before he realized he should be flying higher where often you could find smoother air and you could be above the clouds, he traded up to a new 2013 Mirage, which he kept for two years before selling and moving to Atlanta. Longing to return to flight, he rented Aero Atlanta’s Cirrus SR22 for his time in Georgia. Returning to Cedar Rapids in July of 2016, Martin was ready to make the jump into a Meridian.

The Meridian, quickly showed its advantages being a turboprop and provided impressive performance. He took family flights to both coasts and was able to visit customers and feel confident that he could trust his aircraft to perform when he needed it to.

 Less than eight months later, Martin purchased an Embraer Phenom 100 from Lone Mountain with less than 1,000 hours of flying under his belt. Flying is now a significant timesaver for work trips. Martin can easily travel from Cedar Rapids to Savannah, Ga. for a presentation and return home within the same day. He now utilizes the aircraft more for business than any other aircraft he has owned due to its comfort, speed and economy.

According to Martin, working with Lone Mountain’s team allowed him to understand the benefits of maintenance tracking and engine and airframe programs while ensuring he found the aircraft that was perfect for his needs.

“Lone Mountain spent a lot of time with me, working through what would be the right fit based on my budget. We spent a lot of long hours talking through the competitive differences in performance, comfort, cost of operations and maintenance requirements.” said Martin. “They also handled all of the due diligence of jet ownership. I did not even know what an engine program was when I operated the Meridian. After going through the process with Lone Mountain, I do not feel like I could have lined up the right people, put paperwork together, and got an aircraft into inspection by myself.”

As the former Regional Sales Director for Embraer, Lone Mountain Sales Rep Mark Stear utilized his many industry connections and unparalleled product knowledge on the Phenom aircraft.

“Lone Mountain has expertise in a variety of aircraft, and I trusted them completely to help me find the right light jet for my needs,” said Martin. “I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”

Our team of pilots at Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales loves helping businessmen and women find the aircraft suitable for their day-to-day operations. For more information on GreatAmerica Financial Services, go to GreatAmerica.com

If you haven’t heard the news by now, Cirrus Aircraft has gone another step further in providing safety to its aircraft owners – new and pre-owned. As of this summer, the company launched “Cirrus Embark“, a first-of-its-kind program offering up to three days of training to anyone who buys a Cirrus airplane, including used planes purchased through a private transaction.

The program is a branch of Cirrus Approach, a crucial companion-piece to each Cirrus aircraft produced. Cirrus Approach offers its pilots a menu of courses and classes that are fresh and engaging, keeping pilots current and proficient. As an extension, Cirrus Embark addresses the specific needs of pre-owned Cirrus buyers by providing complimentary, Cirrus-specific, standardized differences and transition training for every licensed pilot who purchases a pre-owned Cirrus aircraft.

“It sounds almost too good to be true, but it is invaluable in terms of safety” said Mark Rogers, Lone Mountain President. “Since Cirrus Approach was launched a few years ago, the Cirrus accident rate is among the best in the industry. Cirrus Embark will help continue to increase pilot safety. I’m excited that our clients will now have have this option with any Cirrus aircraft they purchase.”

As part of the new program, every new pre-owned Cirrus owner receives a login to the Cirrus Approach Learning Portal, a complimentary 1-year membership to the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), a copy of the Cirrus FOM and aircraft POH, a redemption code for the iFOM, and one-on-one Cirrus Transition Training with an authorized Cirrus training provider, tailored to the pilot’s previous experience.

“The training options for pilots are more extensive today than ever before,” said Rogers. “Our team at Lone Mountain is always looking for the best ways to complete recurrent training. In addition to Cirrus Embark, I’ve been very impressed with Textron’s TRU Simulation + Training. We are also proud to have two sales team members that own their own training facilities, Daniel Christman and Paul Sallach.”

Christman owns Aero Atlanta Flight Center in Atlanta, Ga. while Sallach owns All In Aviation in Las Vegas, both Cirrus Platinum Training Centers.

Beginning his business in his parents’ basement, 20-year-old Bryan Currier was dedicated to developing a different type of IT company – one that not only provided exceptional service, but also was highly personalized, understanding clients’ individual business needs. Seventeen years later that dedication remains.

As the President and Founder of Advantage Technologies, headquartered in Chesterfield, Mich., Bryan now leads his team from his home in Franklin, Tenn., in serving more than 600 clients across seven states. While the number of clients has increased and expanded geographically, Bryan’s desire to retain face-to-face connections has stayed consistent, making travel an essential component to hisoperations.

“My job has morphed from doing sales directly with clients to now working with my sales team,” said Bryan. “The aircraft enables to me to be there to assist my team in all of our markets when needed.”

Bryan purchased his first plane in 2001 when he realized his business’ growth required more flexible travel options than airline services provided. Starting with a Grumman Yankee, a light two-seat aircraft, Bryan quickly saw the benefits of owning his own plane. As the business grew, so did Bryan’s model of aircraft. Seven planes later, he currently owns a Piper Malibu Meridian, a turboprop single-engine plane with a total capacity of six people. He also has his eyes on a Citation Mustang, the next step up from the turboprop. 

“The benefits of owning my own aircraft continues to prove itself invaluable,” said Bryan. “For example, Wednesday night I got an email requesting a short notice meeting on Thursday morning in Indiana. Without the airplane, my local consultant would have been on his own and in over his head. Because of the flexibility offered by the aircraft, I was able to fly in to assist him and then make it to Michigan in time for my afternoon meeting.”

According to Bryan, many business owners would benefit from owning an aircraft, and the expenses aren’t as high as expected when considering the implications.

“When you calculate the amount of time spent waiting on commercial airline flights, the lack of flexibility airlines provide which often causes the need to stay overnight, and the amount of time lost with family due to travel, owning an aircraft is a no-brainer to me,” said Bryan. “My productivity is higher and my time is maximized.”

With four children, family time is premium to Bryan. He also enjoys the ability to take his family with him on trips that require traveling for several days.

Our team at Lone Mountain loves seeing our clients grow their business while balancing their home lives. Have you considered the benefits of aircraft ownership? For more information, contact Mark Rogers.

To learn more about Advantage Technologies, go to www.Adv-Tech.com.

Our team at Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales is excited to announce that our very own, Daniel Christman, is now a jet pilot for the world’s first-ever single-engine personal jet, the Cirrus Vision SF50. Daniel, a Lone Mountain sales representative in Atlanta, Ga., completed his type rating courses on May 26, fully certifying him to operate what is commonly referred to as “The Vision Jet”.

The SF50 is a single-engine, low-wing, seven-seat, light jet aircraft designed to be flown by the owner. Not requiring a full-time professional pilot or a flight department, the Vision Jet is the first civilian single-engine jet to achieve certification with the Federal Aviation Administration. Certified on Oct. 28, 2016, after a 10-year process, the Vision Jet is a revolution in personal transportation and is equipped with the exclusive Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS™), setting a new standard in jet aircraft safety.

As the owner of Aero Atlanta Flight Center, a Cirrus Platinum Training Center in the Atlanta area, Daniel has been involved with Cirrus since November 2003 when he ordered a Cirrus SR20. After his purchase, he received training to become the first Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot as endorsed by the University of North Dakota. Since then, Daniel has been involved with both new and pre-owned sales for the Cirrus SR2X aircraft, first as a factory direct regional sales manager, then on the pre-owned side with Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales.

“The first time I saw the Cirrus SF50, I knew I wanted this to be the first turbine aircraft I flew,” said Daniel. “It was ‘The Jet’ I had been waiting to fly!”

After completing the first two phases of training, which included online learning modules and a two-day touch-trainer course, Daniel set off for the type rating course in Duluth, Minn. Type training is a 10-day course containing four days of ground work and five days of flight, with one off day.

According to Daniel, by the time the flight training rolled around, he was itching to get into the pilot’s seat.

“I’ll never forget the moment I started the turbine engine for the first time,” said Daniel. “The smile I had on my face the first time I hit the ‘Run’ knob did not come off during the entire training process.”

“Having a Type-Rated Vision Jet Pilot on the team is a distinct advantage for our sales team, especially considering that this aircraft is designed to be owner-flown and sold to pilots,” said Mark Rogers, Lone Mountain President.

Congratulations, Daniel! We are proud to have you as a part of the Lone Mountain team as an official Vision Jet pilot.

With the first half of 2017 in the books, it has been an exciting year so far for Lone Mountain Aircraft (LMA). As usual at this time, we are currently busy preparing for the world’s largest aviation event, the EAA Airventure Oshkosh. Kicking off July 23 in Oshkosh, Wis., Lone Mountain will have staff roaming the show grounds all week and will have our usual presence at the Cirrus booth. We hope to see you there!

Here is a quick look at what else is new:    

New Sales Team Member: Gordon Ramsay joined the Lone Mountain team in March of this year and is off to a great start with several sales already. Most recently the Piper Program Manager at Columbia Aircraft Services in Connecticut, Gordon is well-versed in high-performance piston and single-engine turboprop aircraft. As an experienced pilot with over 3,500 hours of flight time and more than 30 years of experience in aircraft sales, he is a great addition to LMA.

New Jet Type Rating: Daniel Christman earned a new jet type rating in June. Go here for more info.

Vision Jet Positions: In addition to continuing to lead the market in SR2X resale, LMA is taking a leadership role in position resale. As we have been predicting for several years, the market for Cirrus Vision Jet positions has matured and become very active now that the type certificate and production certificates have been issued. New Vision Jets are being delivered to customers and many early delivery positions have been sold to eager new owners. We’ve been excited about this new product and even more so now that several of us have time flying it. Give us a call for details on a purchase or sale of a position.

Vision Jet Factory Delivery:
LMA also recently assisted with a factory delivery of a Vision Jet, with our own Mark Stear lending his extensive experience with jet deliveries. We were involved with the delivery of serial #10, and were favorably impressed with the fit, finish and overall quality. New owners are going to love this aircraft! 

Aircraft Financing: Our bank is eager to lend and looking for more aircraft to finance. Lending terms have eased a bit over the last year as banks are competing for deals, and rates are still attractive despite recent moves by the Federal Reserve. Lone Mountain Aircraft Finance has now financed over 100 aircraft since our first aircraft loan in 2013, and we continue to innovate with more unique financing options for our buyers.