From analog dials and gauges to parachutes and autoland capabilities, the technology rate of change over the last 15 years has dramatically impacted the art and safety of flying. In a world that has traditionally been slow to change, general aviation is now rapidly advancing with innovative technology. As experts in advanced, high-performance aircraft, Lone Mountain is dedicated to understanding emerging aircraft technology and its impact on the market for our clients. 

Over the years, we’ve not only witnessed multiple iterations of various aircraft models, but we’ve flown them first-hand. In 2004, we experienced a dramatic shift as the introduction of glass panels provided a platform for all sorts of technological advancements, including synthetic vision, electronic charts, weather data link and more. Owner-pilots today have a host of technology options that can increase the safety and ease of operating an aircraft. 

Just last quarter, Garmin announced its Emergency Autoland system, the third component of the Autonomi suite built into the G3000 flight deck. The technology allows pilots and passengers to engage Autoland with a single push of a button or automatically activates if it concludes the pilot is unable to fly. The aircraft then determines the most optimal airport and runway, flies a precision GPS approach and lands itself, all while taking into account obstacles, weather, and terrain. 

Autoland will soon be available on select G3000 system-equipped aircraft, including the 2020 Cirrus Vision Jet and the 2020 Piper M600. Some earlier model Vision Jets can be retrofitted with Autoland.

While technological advancements are certainly exciting, our team understands they can also bring uncertainty to the table. What technology should you expect to find in certain vintages of aircraft? What aircraft can be retrofitted? Which pre-owned models were delivered from the factory with the features you are looking for and which weren’t? 

For over a decade, we’ve helped over 2,000 clients with the purchase or sale of a technologically advanced aircraft. If you are curious about your current aircraft’s technology options or have questions regarding your next aircraft of choice, don’t hesitate to reach out.