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For Those Ready to Take Control of Their Fractional Share…

01 Step 1 Connect 

We know every detail matters when it comes to purchasing or selling your fractional share. For buyers, our team will begin with a Mission Review to determine the aircraft share size and aircraft type that makes the most sense based upon the way you fly. We then provide you with up-to-date reports specifying the shares we have identified. Sellers will receive a free “fair market” valuation of your share to compare against the fractional company’s offer. We’ll then thoroughly study your contract then provide a detailed analysis of your fractional share using accurate, up-to-date market data. After reviewing the data, you will choose your asking price, and we’ll bring your share to market.

02 Step 2 Review your Options

Once you’ve decided to move forward with Lone Mountain as your Fractional Share Consultant, it’s time to review your options.  We’ll work with buyers to review potential contracts to determine what’s a good fit for your mission. For sellers, we’ll be with you as you evaluate offers, serving as a trustworthy voice, ultimately advocating for your best interests and negotiating on your behalf. With our experienced operations team,  your fractional share will be brought to market quickly, executing a campaign that professionally positions your share and invites offers for your consideration.

03 Step 3 Close

We’ll work with you to finalize proper documentation and make sure no detail is overlooked in the transfer of ownership. Once the fractional company approves, the buyer will assume all rights, duties, and obligations of the contract. If needed, Lone Mountain has an in-house financing team that can assist buyers with low terms and flexible rates. With thousands of closings under our belt, Lone Mountain will help ensure the process goes smoothly, whether you are buying or selling. Close with confidence and move on to your next adventure. 



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