Sold SOLD: 2017 Cessna Citation Latitude (Fractional For Sale)

Save thousands in upfront costs and avoid a minimum contract term by choosing a remarketed fractional share.

This 75 annual hour Citation Latitude ownership interest garners every benefit as one purchased from NetJets directly including a 10-hour notification period for US travel (excluding peak days), the ability to access other aircraft in the NetJet fleet, and access to the Caribbean Islands, Canada, Alaska, Mexico and most of Central America without ferry fee.

By stepping into a previously negotiated contract, the new owner garners the benefit of a lower up-front cost than if purchasing from NetJets directly. Add to this that the existing contract is beyond its minimum term meaning you can opt-out of the program at any time with 90-day notice rather than a 3-year minimum if purchased directly.

Call to learn more about the opportunity, additional contract benefits, or if you have any questions about the ownership transfer.


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Additional Features

Fractional interest size: 75 annual hours, $950,000.00 versus a new NetJet share at $1,668,750

Monthly Management Fee: $18,906 (Same as new)

Hourly rate: $3,133 (Same as new)

Current Fuel Component Adjustment: $1,240 (Same as new)

Additional contractual benefits:

Cancel with 90-days notice versus a 3-year minimum purchased directly from NetJets. Contract is scheduled to terminate 2022, however, you will have the option to extend.

SOLD: 2017 Cessna Citation Latitude (Fractional For Sale) Inquire About This Aircraft