Lone Mountain Aircraft was founded on the belief that buying or selling an aircraft should be turbulence-free. As the years have passed, we have added to our list of services in order to help clients throughout their ownership experience, long past the transaction. Our latest company, Lone Mountain Aircraft Management, was added in 2018 to serve our jet clients looking to streamline flight operations and maximize their aircraft’s potential.

“We are delighted to have management added to our list of capabilities,” said Mark Rogers, LMA president. “It’s been well-received and has proven to be of good value for our clients.”

Clients under management benefit from a variety of services, including financial oversight and accounting, crewmember employment, and aircraft & crew scheduling, as well as negotiating and arranging maintenance, hangar, fuel, and more.

“With management in place, our customers don’t have to worry about negotiating their schedule, maintenance, or other details that can cause ownership to feel like a chore,” said Megan Gooch, with Lone Mountain Aircraft Management. “We take that burden off their shoulders, so they can just enjoy their aircraft.”

LMA Management is serving a variety of managed co-ownership clients under Partners in Aviation (PIA), a company that matches two regionally based co-owners to share in the cost of ownership. The structure provides access comparable to sole ownership while reducing both risks and costs.

“I trust Lone Mountain to handle my clients’ management because of their high-touch service and professionalism,” said Mark Molloy, PIA President. “Management is a key to success for our program. With a professional management company in place, there is no need for co-owners to negotiate or risk disagreements. Lone Mountain Management has been an invaluable strategic partner for our clients.” Are you interested in learning more about how Lone Mountain Management can help you? Contact Megan Gooch at MGooch@LoneMtn.com or call 1-888-566-3686.

To learn more about Partners in Aviation, go to PartnersInAviation.com