It’s the holiday season, which inevitably means it’s the season of travel! While millions of people will spend time sitting in a traffic jam on the interstate, pilots have the unique advantage of getting to our favorite locations quickly. Before you take off, our team wants to provide a few practical travel resources so you can enjoy the holidays and get where you’re going safely.

Be Prepared for the Cold.
‘Tis the season of cold weather and ice. We recommend looking over the below list of resources to help you prepare for ice and cold weather flight operations. Included below are reminders for preflight, operation, takeoff, landing, postflight and more.

Cold Weather Operations Checklist for VFR Flights
FAA Winter Flying Resources
11 Winter Flying Tips

Have a Survival Plan.
While it’s unlikely to have an unplanned off-airport landing, it’s important to have a plan just in case. To get started making your plan, we suggest you take a look at AOPA’s Survival Safety Resources.

Be Ready to Make Decisions.
While the holidays are filled with tradition and the joys of friends and family, remember getting to your destination quickly isn’t worth negotiating your passengers’ safety. This leaflet serves as a good reminder of our responsibilities as pilots to make the wisest decisions in a variety of situations: Decision Making for General Aviation Pilots.

The holidays are a time to gather together with those you love most. We hope these resources and reminders can help you arrive at your destination safely so you can unplug and enjoy time with friends and family. Stay safe this holiday season…and be sure to watch out for registered reindeer in the sky!