Aircraft owners face an ever-changing market. That is why our team of experts is committed to being your ally in aviation. Whether buying, selling or financing, Lone Mountain Aircraft simplifies the aircraft ownership experience so you can have peace-of-mind with each step of the process.

Jet Market By Spencer Bain

Manufacturer production is slowing down. Gulfstream announced layoffs followed by similar announcements by both Embraer and Cessna in mid-December. Embraer jettisoned many seasoned veterans in every division of the company from warranty to sales, while sources say  Cessna is reducing production by single digits across each of their jet products in 2020. Is this due to the increased reliability of production aircraft where traditional replacement cycles are elongated? Potential manufacturer consolidation? Squeezed profitability? Tax law change benefiting used planes? Insurance industry hesitation in writing a policy for owners/pilots? Obsolescent planes facing a 2020 replacement? Probably a little bit of “yes” to all these factors. Still, while the stats aren’t yet in, it doesn’t seem to be indicative of a slowdown. At the time of publication, 2019 sales were 18% shy of 2017, with neither November nor December wholly accounted. So, fly on!

Turboprop Market By Gordon Ramsay

At the time of writing, the turbine market is remaining strong in the fourth quarter. A burgeoning economy and friendly tax policies encourage investors to buy new and pre-owned equipment to take advantage of bonus depreciation. Single-engine turbine markets remain seller’s markets, although numbers in inventory are increasing slightly. Pricing on the pre-owned side remains competitive with a lot of value for the dollar spent. 

Cirrus Market By Daniel Christman

Preowned sales of the SF50 continue to be flat, but more interest is being generated in the SF50 with the announcement of “Safe Return.” Lone Mountain had the privilege of assisting 19 buyers in their purchase of a Vision Jet over 2019 and we are looking forward to helping even more in 2020. 

2019 created an interesting market in the Cirrus SR2X world. Sales through the first quarter were up over 2018, but the second – and third-quarter sales saw a slight decrease. Third-quarter was down 20 percent from 2018 and the number of all preowned SR2X for sale crept back up to record levels. At the time of writing, the fourth quarter is headed in the same direction as the third, but we are hoping for a big rebound in the last month of the year as tax-motivated buyers look to put aircraft in service before December 31st. 

As markets continue to change, Lone Mountain Aircraft helps clients bring clarity and expertise to their side of the table. We are proud to be one of the preeminent sellers of pre-owned aircraft worldwide and offer both sales and acquisition services for all types of aircraft. Our team would love to be part of your next success story in aviation! If you would like to be added to our TBM, Meridian, Phenom 300, Phenom 100 or SF50 market reports, please email your name and address to