Aircraft owners face an ever-changing market. That is why our team of experts
is committed to being your ally in aviation. Whether buying, selling or financing,
Lone Mountain Aircraft simplifies the aircraft ownership experience so you can
have peace of mind with each step of the process.
Jet Market By Spencer Bain
Not much has changed lately in the jet market from last quarter to this
quarter. Vaguely increased jet transactions, mildly downturned turboprop
sales, lax calls backs and half-day Fridays prove the market is experiencing
its traditional summer slow down. As of late, Lone Mountain is working
closely with the business owner or board member wanting a plane they
can fly, rather than a disconnected c-suite. As one beloved owner-pilot
told me recently, “Spencer, I’m willing to buy a plane now rather than later
because I know that my tax situation tells me I can make an advantageous
tax purchase now.” Lone Mountain stands ready to assist those who want to
take advantage.
Turboprop Market By Gordon Ramsay
The third quarter is remaining active, and yet seems to be slightly slowing
across the single-engine turbine market. With global economic questions
surrounding trade disputes and upcoming elections, folks seem to be
hesitating as it relates to high dollar purchases. Fourth-quarter usually
strengthens with end-of-year motivated acquisitions, and this year should
be no different.
Cirrus Market By Daniel Christman
Summer is generally a time of slower sales in the piston market as most
buyers are busy with summer vacation travels. While first-quarter sales
were up from 2018 to 2019, second-quarter pre-owned Cirrus sales were
flat. As we turn the corner into fall, the action begins to heat up as summer
temperatures cool down with the end-of-year tax planning season right
around the corner. The Generation 2 Avidyne market segment continues to
remain hot with appropriately priced aircraft selling in less than 60 days. The
Generation 6 SR22T market continues to be a bit on the heavy side but as
Cirrus closes the books on available aircraft in 2019, sales activity is expected
to increase helping to thin that market. Lone Mountain has had the unique
opportunity to sell five pre-owned SF50s so far this year and we expect that
number to continue to grow.
As markets continue to change, Lone Mountain Aircraft helps clients bring
clarity and expertise to their side of the table. We are proud to be one of the
preeminent sellers of pre-owned aircraft worldwide and offer both sales and
acquisition services for all types of aircraft. Our team would love to be part
of your next success story in aviation!