Your experience with piston aircraft is increasing, and you want to go higher, further and faster. You’re wondering what it would be like to own an aircraft that serves you better. You’re tired of the fuel stops, load limitations, and stress about inclement weather. 

If those frustrations are in your mind, it could be time to make the transition to a turbine aircraft. 

This transition can be intimidating; turbines have larger passenger capacity, higher altitude capability, and increased training and insurance requirements before you can fly on your own. 

Lone Mountain Aircraft knows these factors can be daunting, and we don’t want indecision or a lack of resources to take away from the next phase in your flying endeavors. Transitioning to a turbine aircraft doesn’t have to mean studying the intricacies of purchasing and piloting a more capable aircraft. We’re here to break down your transition into manageable, clear steps. 

We have a long list of clients who have graduated from piston to turbine ownership. Whether you’re eyeing a turboprop or a light jet, that transition is a natural place for Lone Mountain Aircraft to step in and guide you through the process. Our team of experts brings market intelligence, technical expertise and practical piloting experience to ensure you’re avoiding blindspots and purchasing with confidence. 

We walk with you to identify the right aircraft for your mission, streamline the acquisition, and overcome challenges like training, insurance, financing and management. 

It’s common for an owner’s flight requirements to change. New family adventures are calling. Business expands into new regions. You deserve an aircraft that fits your mission. Whatever your situation, we’re here as your trusted partner in aircraft ownership.