Meet Robbie: A Passionate Aviator, Making Dreams Soar

In the vibrant world of aviation, passion is often the driving force behind remarkable careers. Meet Robbie, a key member ofour aircraft sales team here at Lone Mountain Aircraft. With a childhood spent under the flight paths of Biggin Hill, Robbie’s journey into aviation was practically written in the clouds. Discover how his love for flying has shaped his professional path.

Childhood Dreams Take Flight 

Pilot in-flight with headset

Robbie’s roots in aviation run deep, rooted in the picturesque village of Biggin Hill, just south of London. From a young age, he was captivated by the roar of aircraft engines and the spectacle of air shows. Fueled by a relentless passion for flight, Robbie embarked on his aviation journey, soloing at 16 and obtaining his PPL at 21. But his love for the skies didn’t stop there – Robbie is also a certified skydiver, showcasing his adventurous spirit beyond the cockpit.

A Day in the Life of an Aviation Sales Pro

As a valued member of our European sales team, Robbie’s days are anything but typical. 

“There isn’t a typical day which is part of the reason I enjoy the role!” 

From aircraft photography to contract preparation, his role encompasses a dynamic range of tasks aimed at providing top-notch service to clients. With a dedication to being available whenever needed, Robbie ensures that every client inquiry or request is met with prompt attention and expert guidance.

Creating Unforgettable Adventures 

One of Robbie’s most memorable experiences was facilitating a seamless aircraft purchase for a client across continents. 

“I always enjoy when we can facilitate every stage of a transaction. Recently we helped a buyer from the US, purchase an aircraft in the UK by performing a “virtual walk around” with them on a video call, facilitating everything necessary for a PPI and then flying the aircraft over to them in the US.”

Through innovative solutions like virtual walkarounds and meticulous coordination, Robbie and our team ensured a smooth transaction that exemplified their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Pilot in-flight Fueling a Lifelong Passion for Flight

For Robbie, aviation isn’t just a career – it’s a lifelong passion. The ability of general aviation to empower individuals and facilitate incredible journeys is what drives him every day. His encounters within the general aviation community have left a lasting impression, showcasing the camaraderie and generosity that define this close-knit community. 

“I’ve loved aviation since I was old enough to know what it was. Being a part of such a rewarding sector of the industry is a dream. General aviation can enable so much for people and being able to help that sector grow is amazing.”

Appreciating the Diversity in Aircraft 

With a diverse array of aircraft under his belt, Robbie finds it impossible to pick a favorite. Each aircraft serves a unique purpose, from the versatile 22T to the iconic Spitfire. Robbie’s appreciation for the capabilities and versatility of different aircraft reflects his deep understanding of the industry. 

“There’s an aircraft for every mission. A 22T will take you almost anywhere on the planet with a few stops. A PC12 can take you from a grass strip to an international airport on the other side of Europe. A Husky can land in most people’s back gardens. Couldn’t pick one, love them all. (If I ever sell a Spitfire that takes the top spot, obviously).”

Nurturing Genuine Client Relationships

Robbie’s approach to building strong client relationships is simple yet effective: honesty, expertise, and a commitment to being a comprehensive resource for clients. 

Airplane pilot, Robbie with customer

“I think being upfront, honest and being product experts enables us to build rapport with our clients. We can help with every aspect of buying, selling and owning an aircraft and I think our clients appreciate the “one-stop-shop” approach of our services.”

By providing transparent guidance and leveraging our full suite of services, Robbie ensures that clients feel supported every step of the way.

When asked for advice for first-time aircraft buyers, Robbie’s response is succinct: “Work with Lone Mountain Aircraft!” 

Connect with Robbie

Looking to connect with Robbie? Whether it’s via email, phone, or social media, he’s always just a message away. And if you’re attending AERO Friedrichshafen, be sure to stop by and say hello. Robbieand our Lone Mountain Aircraft team will be there in hall A3-114, ready to discuss your aviation needs and showcase a selection of fantastic aircraft for sale.