Flying for GoodFor most Americans, it feels as if someone hit “pause” on life. Instead of heading to the workplace or attending our usual events, we are tucked away at home waiting for the threat of COVID-19 to pass. On the other hand, a percentage of Americans deemed “essential” are continuing to head to work, because, as much as we try, life can’t stop completely. We need grocers to provide food, manufacturers to build ventilators, and nurses to serve patients.

We also need to continue taking care of the medically fragile – many of whom need to travel to see specialists, have mandatory surgeries, or receive their routine treatment. As if life isn’t taxing enough for this segment of the population, a world pandemic has made it even tougher. Airlines are no longer a safe option and it’s more important than ever that those with underlying conditions remain socially distant.

So what is the best option for those that are medically fragile and need to travel for their care? That’s where I think you and I can step in.

Owning a private aircraft comes with so many benefits, one being the ability to help others in time of need. In 2018, our team at Lone Mountain launched a Flying for Good initiative, to encourage pilots to use their aircraft to benefit someone else throughout our 10th anniversary year. While that anniversary year has come and gone, our hope has always been to create a movement of pilots who begin thinking about their aircraft in a new light – one that not only benefits their family and business, but also helps others.

So many people stepped up to the plate, and many of you are still doing this on a regular basis. Lone Mountain Client Joe Demarco is a prime example. You can read more about Joe and his journey to fly for good on the next page in this issue’s LMA client profile.

COVID-19 is bringing trials to so many people – and many of us have a tool that can help.

That’s why we are inviting you once again to take part in the Flying for Good initiative.

Go to for more information about using your aircraft to help the medically fragile during this time of need. On this page, you can learn about the best practices for keeping yourself and your passengers safe while the threat of the virus lingers, organizations you can partner with, and share your story with our LMA community. For the next five friends of Lone Mountain to complete a Flying for Good mission with a charitable organization during the pandemic, we will donate $1,000 to that organization. To qualify for the donation, register your flight on our website before you fly, and then share your story. Visit LoneMountainAircraft. com/FlyingforGood today to begin your journey of helping someone in need and encouraging other pilots to do the same.

Stay safe, stay healthy, fly for good.

Mark Rogers