A Journey Shaped by Unexpected Turns

Paul’s path to aviation was far from typical. Born in Canada and later moving to Erie, Pennsylvania, he was the oldest of seven children. Looking for a career outside the confines of an office, he set his sights on becoming a pilot. Without any prior experience in small aircraft, Paul enrolled in the commercial aviation program at the University of North Dakota. There, he met his wife, who shared his passion for aviation and was also working on the same commercial aviation major. However, the tragic events of September 11th drastically changed the aviation landscape, leading to a downturn in the airline industry.

As pilot opportunities dwindled, Paul found a new direction with Cirrus Aircraft in neighboring Minnesota. He took a role as a flight instructor and it opened his eyes to the world of aircraft sales, igniting a new passion and setting the stage for his current career.

Leading Aircraft Sales at Lone Mountain 

As an Aircraft Sales Director with a focus on Cirrus aircraft, Paul is dedicated to providing top-notch service. His typical day involves responding promptly to calls and emails, a practice he maintains 365 days a year. During the week, he can often be found at Henderson Executive Airport, ensuring clients receive exceptional training and rental experiences through All In Aviation, a thriving flight school founded and run by Paul and his wife Lindsay.

‘Responsiveness is my key to success. The amount of times that I hear clients say that other brokers don’t return phone calls or emails is significant. I never want to be included on that list and make sure that communication is timely and detailed. 

‘It’s very rewarding to help customers transition from (a Cirrus) SR into SF and fly shoulder to shoulder with the new owner. The smiles are always VERY large!!’

Passion for Aviation’s Unique Lifestyle

Paul is passionate about the freedom and lifestyle that being a pilot offers. The ability to travel where and when you want, with whomever you want, and to carry whatever you need, provides a level of relaxation and perspective that he enjoys. 

‘It’s so fun to share this with friends, family and clients.’

Family in flight

One harrowing experience that stands out for Paul involved a catastrophic engine failure. Deadsticking through clouds and safely landing on a runway was a nerve-wracking ordeal, but knowing that the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) was available as a backup provided a unique sense of comfort during the emergency.

Favorite Aircraft: The Non-Turbo SR22

Among the aircraft he’s sold, the non-turbo Cirrus SR22 holds a special place for Paul. He praises it as the best airplane in the world—fast, light, reliable, low-maintenance, and undeniably sexy.

Building Strong Client Relationships

Paul builds rapport by being responsive and sharing information in an educational yet respectful manner. He believes that teaching clients something new fosters trust and confidence.

‘Actually respond! Share information in an educational approach, while being sure to not talk down to them. People trust you if you teach them something they didn’t already know.’

Paul’s advice for first-time buyers is simple: Don’t go it alone. Find a trusted advisor who can explain not just the “whats,” but also the “whys” of aircraft purchasing.

Beyond the Cockpit: Life’s Other Joys

When Paul isn’t immersed in the world of aviation, he’s cheering for the Golden Knights hockey team, wake surfing on Lake Mead, or enjoying a round of golf with friends and family. His love for the outdoors and sports mirrors his zest for life and flying.

‘I am a big-time Golden Knights hockey fan, enjoy wake surfing on Lake Mead, and love being outside with friends and family playing golf.’

Connect with Paul

Ready to explore aircraft ownership or need expert advice? Contact Paul directly:

Join Paul at upcoming aviation events such as EAA’s AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin July 21-26 or the Cirrus Owners & Pilots Association (COPA) event in Scottsdale, Arizona September 26-28, 2024.