It’s no secret that buying or selling an aircraft is complex. Between negotiations, tax and title, compliance, type ratings, management and maintenance, it’s a tough road to walk alone. However, we get it – for some sellers, using a broker doesn’t feel like the wisest choice when it comes to cost savings. 

While I can make a solid argument that the majority of sellers save money by enlisting a quality broker to manage the process no matter the timing, I’d like to focus solely on the current market at hand. 

COVID-19 has dramatically shifted the market across the board. The same is true for private aviation. It’s not a difficult time to sell and to make quite a bit more than initially invested in the aircraft. Most sellers feel like they are “winning” when it comes to the transaction. 

So why enlist a broker? 

The market is more dynamic than ever, meaning sellers need a close eye on the day-to-day changes in private aviation. 

Just recently, I had a customer reach out who was considering going on their own. The customer shared his asking price and after the conversation, decided to partner with Lone Mountain to sell. Eventually, the customer was able to net more than they were going to ask. The broker fee became the least of this client’s concerns as it was easily offset by the increased proceeds from the sale. 

Lone Mountain provides our clients with confidence as they enter the selling process. We provide a thorough analysis of your current aircraft using accurate up-to-date market data, discuss current trends, and do a thorough cost-analysis, taking into account recent transactions of similar aircraft. After reviewing the data, you will choose your asking price and we’ll go to work prepping your aircraft for maximum resale value. 

Let us help you make the most out of your resale. Connect with our team today to receive a free valuation of your current aircraft, get your questions answered, and begin the selling process. 

Because, let’s face it, no one wants to leave money on the table.