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Atlanta – Las Vegas – Dayton
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(f) 815-425-8991
We have a highly rated aircraft service center on premises, Lone Mountain Aviation.

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Mark Rogers, President
(p) 937-689-6586
(f) 815-425-8991

Paul Sallach, Aircraft Sales
(p) 702-285-0604
(f) 702-507-0026

Daniel Christman, Aircraft Sales
(p) 404-308-8638
(f) 888-608-5486

Michael Grana, Aircraft Sales
(p) 317-514-8896
(f) 815-425-8991

KC Morgan, Aircraft Sales
(p) 702-810-2878
(f) 702-442-0703

Gordon Ramsay, Aircraft Sales
(p) 828-315-0044
(f) 815-425-8991

David Niles, Aircraft Sales
(p) 248-924-7280
(f) 248-773-7221

Mark Stear, Aircraft Sales
(p) 513-257-5250
(f) 815-425-8991

Mark Egan, Aircraft Sales
(p) 612-321-6489
(f) 815-425-8991

Kevin Gregor, Controller
(p) 513-545-2580
(f) 815-425-8991

Jon Stull, Aircraft Sales
(p) 937-418-4498
(f) 815-366-8171

We love flying, and we enjoy helping our clients or any other interested parties learn more about the many options they have in owning and operating their own airplane.