Single owner, well maintained with no damage history and 2020-ready. Major inspections are years away. All creature comforts are present including TIA coffee maker, sat phone, microwave, DVD/CD player dual screen Airshow plus ATG 5000 (+ talk and text) installed in 2014. Both engines and APU are on MSP. Added functionality for +2 passengers with a belted lav and observer seat.

2006 Hawker


Fast Facts

Single, Fortune 1000 company owner. Zero Damage history

Engines and APU on MSP. All creature comforts

135 Compliant

ADSB-Out Compliant. ProLine 21 with WAAS/LPV

ATG 5000 (+talk and text)

Airframe, Engine, and Prop





Honeywell TFE731-5BR-1H

Serial Number P129236 – 3985.3 hours, 3104 cycles

Serial Number P129237 – 3998.1 hours, 3102 cycles

APU: GTCP 36-150 1820 hours


Collins ProLine 21

WAAS/LPV Includes ADSB-Out

Single HF with SELCAL

Single ADF

Dual ADC

GPS 4000S



All Engine AD’s complied with

Additional Features

Crew Jump Seat

Forward, Fully Equipped Galley

Flushing Lav


Thrust Reversers.

Original Paint and interior

Single File Server


Inspection Due Dates and times:

B C/W 4,012.5 due: at 4,788

C C/W 3,203.4 due: at 4,808

D C/W 3,203.4 due: at 6,409

E C/W Aug 2019

F C/W Aug 2018 due: Aug 2020

G C/W Aug 2018 due: Aug 2022

X-Ray C/W Aug 2018 due: Aug 2022

Gear C/W Aug 2018 due: Aug 2030

Overhaul due: MPI-/CZI due at 4,600  last done at 2,100 hours. – MSP


White with red and blue stripe


Forward 4-place club arrangement w/ pull-out tables & aft 3place divan opposite forward facing side chair. Belted Lav and observer seat

S/N: 258791
Registration: N255RB

Located in Janesville, WI

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