Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers founded Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales (LMA) in 2008, becoming one of the partners with Cirrus Aircraft as a pre-owned resale partner. Since the launch of LMA, the business has grown to a staff of 15 with regional offices in Dayton, Las Vegas and Atlanta. LMA has become the largest reseller of Cirrus Aircraft, and has expanded into several other popular general aviation aircraft including turboprops and light jets.

In 2012, Mark led the opening of the Lone Mountain Aircraft Maintenance facility at the Warren County Airport near Dayton. This new capability complements the sales endeavors with airframe and power plant maintenance including overhauls of the Cirrus Airframe Parachute system.

In 2014 Mark further expanded the business into aircraft finance, offering in-house aircraft financing solutions for clients of LMA.

In his role at LMA, Mark particularly enjoys introducing people to aviation and the freedom and lifestyle benefits that go with it.

Prior to launching LMA, Mark worked in aircraft sales at an Indianapolis-based aviation firm, quickly becoming one of the leading producers. Mark is a veteran in aircraft sales and has been involved with more than 1000 transactions. Mark holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with over 5,000 hours in many models, and is qualified in several turbine aircraft including the TBM850, Piper Meridian, Pilatus PC12 and King Air, and is also type rated in the Citation 525 series.

When not at the office or flying for work, Mark enjoys taking on the occasional Angel Flight mission.

Mark and his wife Lori live near Dayton, Ohio. They are raising three future pilots.