KC Morgan

KC Morgan has been in aviation his entire life. His first flying lesson was as the age of eight, sitting on his father’s lap. KC soloed his first aircraft at 16 and earned his private pilot’s license at age 17. In his role at LMA, he has been selling aircraft since 2009. KC enjoys the freedom that aviation provides, whether it is flying across the world to visit big cities or flying to remote locations where few have set foot.

Concurrent with selling airplanes, KC also gained much experience while flying for a Part 135 carrier based in Las Vegas. Before joining the aviation industry, he conducted nationwide technology seminars for a search engine optimization company. He has approximately 1,000 hours of turbine experience. KC is a single and multi-engine commercially rated pilot with experience flying in Canada, Africa, the Arctic, Europe and Africa, with multiple ocean crossings. He earned a bachelor’s degree in aviation administration.

KC feels his life has been tremendously blessed and believes in giving back. At 19 years of age, he volunteered and completely dedicated his life to serving a mission in Hungary. When KC isn’t traveling he calls Las Vegas home. The aviation lifestyle is something that has become ingrained in KC’s blood and his love of aviation will never die.