Anyone who has flown the Piper Meridian immediately appreciates it as both a high performance aircraft and a powerful business tool. It is the preferred form of air travel for businessmen who enjoy the benefits of an aircraft with long range, great climb rate and high cruising speed. With its Pratt & Whitney PT6A-42A turboprop engine and sophisticated avionics package, the Meridian also offers incredible roominess and is more affordable than other similar aircraft. Passengers enjoy the quiet ride, the comfort of a pressurized, air-conditioned cabin and comfortable seating.

We have dedicated significant resources in order to specialize in the purchase and sale of the Piper Meridian. Just as we offer market leadership in the pre-owned Cirrus and Cessna aircraft, we offer buyers and sellers of pre-owned Meridians a great advantage as their professional broker representative.

If you have a Piper Meridian for sale, we may already have a buyer for it. If you are looking to purchase a used Meridian aircraft, we are uniquely equipped to locate the best aircraft available and help you acquire it at the right price.

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