Cirrus Aircraft Certified Supercenter

Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales is the only West Coast Regional Supercenter for. As a Supercenter, Lone Mountain provides premier sales, training and maintenance for buyers of Cirrus Certified pre-owned aircraft.

Come in and take an Cirrus SR20 or Cirrus SR22 on a demo flight, and you will understand why Cirrus is the best selling aircraft in its class. To schedule a demo flight, contact us.

For buyers of Cirrus Certified aircraft, we offer extended warranties, preferential financing rates, factory support, annual inspections and factory training. For sellers, we offer the opportunity to tap into the sales and marketing resources of the factory’s Cirrus Certified resale program. As the largest reseller of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft, Cirrus Certified offers our customers the most comprehensive database of recent comparable sales and relevant market data, equipping us to accurately position your aircraft in the market. Check out our Cirrus Certified Inventory.

When you've flown, owned, purchased and sold as many aircraft as we have here at Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales, you can't help but learn a lot. And we pass this knowledge and insight on to our customers.