Cessna Aircraft Expertise

No other name in aviation suggests the freedom of flight and the benefits of aircraft ownership like Cessna. Whether the perennially popular lines piston aircraft or the dynamic fleet of turbo props and Citation Jets, Cessna aircraft and their complete range of training and support services make them a great investment for any new or used airplane buyer.

At Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales, we have decades of proven experience in buying, selling and operating the full range of Cessna piston, turboprop and jet aircraft. We have invested extensive resources to specialize in this full line of airplanes. Just as we offer proven leadership in the Cirrus and Piper Meridian markets, we give buyers and sellers of pre-owned Cessna jets and piston aircraft a distinct advantage as their professional representation.

We deal in the full range of Cessna aircraft including:

Cessna Jets

  • Mustang
  • CJ1
  • CJ2
  • CJ3
  • CJ4
  • XLS
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Sovereign
  • Citation X
Cessna Piston Airplanes

  • Caravan (208)
  • Skyhawk (172)
  • Skylane (182)
  • Corvalis (400)

If you have a Cessna aircraft for sale, we may already have a buyer for it. If you are looking to purchase a used Cessna aircraft, we are uniquely equipped to locate the best available airplane and help you purchase it at the right price.

Contact us anytime to discuss your possible interest in a pre-owned Cessna. We’d be glad to discuss your many options for buying, selling or leasing, including shared (fractional) ownership. Call us at 888-566-3686 or email us at .

Our combined decades of experience in all aspects of aircraft operations is your guarantee of not just a good deal, but a smart decision when buying or selling.