Joint Ownership Program for Cessna Citation CJ2


The Cessna Citation CJ2 was produced by Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas starting in 2001 as a growth derivative of the very successful CJ1. The design was modified slightly in 2005 and was re-branded as the Citation CJ2+. Both versions are recognized by the FAA as the Cessna Model 525A. By 2014, 468 Model 525A aircraft had been produced. Over 98% of the fleet is still in active worldwide service today confirming its popularity, reliability and excellent safety record.


Structure – The aircraft title will be filed as shared ownership in the aircraft. Each named owner will represent one-quarter share of ownership, with a maximum of four owners. The administrative management of the joint ownership and the physical management of the aircraft will both be the responsibility of Lone Mountain and/or its designee.


Predictable Operating Costs

The three main cost elements of operating any aircraft are Fuel, Engine Maintenance Reserves, and Airframe Maintenance Reserves. Lone Mountain Aircraft has positioned itself to offer attractive, predictable operating economics to the CJ2 joint owners.

Lone Mountain Aircraft maintains its own in-ground fuel facility at Dayton International Airport, making base fuel available for a significant savings compared to retail suppliers.

The CJ2 is enrolled on the engine manufacturer’s Total Assurance Program (TAP) which provides scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance at a fixed hourly cost, adds value to the aircraft, and essentially pre-pays for future scheduled engine maintenance events.

The Airframe Maintenance Program ProParts, is administered through Cessna and also levels the scheduled and unscheduled parts costs through an hourly fee. ProTech is an enhancement to the ProParts program on this aircraft that also captures labor costs.

By locking down these three variable cost drivers, Lone Mountain Aircraft has taken the uncertainty out of operating costs and provides a very predictable variable cost element driven simply by the hours you fly. Administration of each of these benefits is managed by LMA.

Combined with known capital costs at the outset, and an established monthly fixed cost for hangar, insurance, subscriptions, etc. your joint ownership with Lone Mountain provides a budget-friendly, no-surprises aircraft ownership experience.

Alternate Aircraft Access

Your Lone Mountain Aircraft joint ownership also allows you access to several other locally based turbine aircraft on a dry lease basis. Among them are a Citation M2, King Air C90A, and TBM900. These relationships allow you the flexibility to match the airplane to the mission, and provide flexibility if the CJ2 is already scheduled.

Base of Operations

  • Dayton International Airport – KDAY
  • Multiple Instrument Approaches
  • Continuously attended air traffic control tower
  • Private, newly remodeled hangar (Hangar 6) with office/meeting space,
    restrooms, drive-up covered parking and restricted access.
  • Full service FBO’s adjacent to the Lone Mountain Aircraft hangar, providing access to rental cars, taxis and shuttle to/from the airline terminal.


Is financing available for my share?
Yes! We can provide a term sheet.

How do I schedule a flight?
The Program Manager will be the focal point for all scheduling and can be reached by cell, text, or email.

For an extended trip at one destination, will the plane stay with me or do I need to pay for two round trips?
Each scenario will be evaluated by the manager and the decision will be made based on economics of moving the aircraft vs. crew movement expenses.

How many pilots are required?
The CJ2 is certified as a single pilot aircraft, and can be crewed by one or two pilots at the owner’s discretion.

Download the CJ2 Joint Ownership Brochure