Since 1984, Cirrus has been acknowledged as a major innovator in general aviation aircraft. With a strong focus on integrity in engineering and pilot safety, Cirrus is committed to the future of aviation through smart safety, ease of operation and continuous innovation.

Cirrus’ line of all-composite personal aircraft-–the SR20, SR22 and turbocharged SR22T– incorporates advanced electronic and standard safety technologies including Cirrus Perspective by Garmin avionics and the unique Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® (CAPS®).

Cirrus’ latest aircraft, the Vision Jet is the world’s first “personal jet” – designed to be owner-flown.

Why Lone Mountain?

Lone Mountain Aircraft is a Cirrus Aircraft Pre-Owned Partner. As a partner, we provide premier sales, training and maintenance for buyers of Cirrus Certified pre-owned aircraft. We invite you to come in and take a Cirrus SR20 or Cirrus SR22 demo flight and you will understand why Cirrus is the best selling aircraft in its class.

For buyers of Cirrus Pre-Owned aircraft, we offer extended warranties, preferential financing rates, factory support, annual inspections and factory training. For sellers, we offer the opportunity to tap into the sales and marketing resources of the factory’s Cirrus Pre-Owned resale program. As the largest reseller of pre-owned Cirrus aircraft, Cirrus offers our customers the most comprehensive database of recent comparable sales and relevant market data, equipping us to accurately position your aircraft in the market. Check out our Cirrus Pre-Owned Inventory.

New Listings - June 5, 2018: Cirrus, Cessna and Diamond

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Here are the newest aircraft listings at Lone Mountain as of June 5, 2018:   2008 Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS Features include: Naturally Aspirated, Cirrus Perspective by Garmin, Factory Air Conditioning and TKS De-ice. Don’t miss…
2002 Cirrus SR22 G1

New Listings: Cirrus SR22 G1; Liberty Aerospace XL-2; Cirrus SR20

Here are the newest aircraft listings at Lone Mountain as of May 18, 2018:   2002 Cirrus SR22 G1 Features include: Avidyne IFD 540 Touchscreen WAAS GPS, ADS-B Transponder with Traffic & Weather. This aircraft, which has always…
Market Update: April 2017 - Lone Mountain Aircraft

Market Update: April 2018

Mark Rogers, President, Lone Mountain Aircraft Fourth quarters are typically the most active for aircraft sales and Q4 2017 was no exception, with tax-motivated purchases driving a flurry of year-end sales. December at LMA saw 32 sales with…


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