With thousands of pilot hours logged, we promise to offer you in-depth knowledge of the plane you are interested in. Whether you are looking at a piston, turboprop, or jet aircraft, you can rest assured that you will be informed of its performance characteristics as well as the trends shaping the new and pre-owned markets.

While we have proven success in buying and selling numerous aircraft, we offer the greatest expertise and insight in new and used Cirrus, Pilatus, Cessna and Piper Meridian aircraft, both piston and turbine.

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By: Gordon Ramsay, Aircraft Sales I have a cousin who’s a plumber. Jon. This guy knows almost everything there is to know about plumbing, joints, leaks, soldering; I mean he’s good. Occasionally I try to repair a minor plumbing problem…
Partners in Aviation Offers Managed Co-Ownership Solution

Partners in Aviation Offers Managed Co-Ownership Solution

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With an over three decade career selling new turbine-aircraft, Mark Molloy was encountering a common conundrum - clients desired a newer, more capable aircraft, but as financially prudent businessmen, they were unable to justify the expense…
Market Update: April 2017 - Lone Mountain Aircraft

Market Update: April 2018

Mark Rogers, President, Lone Mountain Aircraft Fourth quarters are typically the most active for aircraft sales and Q4 2017 was no exception, with tax-motivated purchases driving a flurry of year-end sales. December at LMA saw 32 sales with…


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