Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales offers a complete range of aircraft sales and acquisition services, meeting the needs of individuals and companies across the U.S. We work as advocates for our clients’ benefit in the new and used aircraft marketplace. Whether your interest is in a piston, turboprop or jet aircraft, we offer in-depth knowledge of the performance characteristics of the airplanes as well as the trends shaping the new and pre-owned markets.

We deal exclusively with high-quality pre-owned aircraft—the kind of airplanes we would want to fly ourselves. As pilots who have owned and operated a wide range of aircraft over the last 20 years, we can offer advice about the best plane for your business and leisure travel requirements. Our relationships with the OEMs and our leadership in the broker/dealer community enable us to help our clients buy or sell wisely in a fast-changing pre-owned aircraft market.

We have concentrated our sales and marketing efforts and operational expertise in the following aircraft:

While we have proven success in buying and selling numerous other aircraft, we are able to offer the greatest expertise and insight in these four aircraft markets.

While recognized for our professionalism and attention to detail, we are equally known for being friendly and easy to do business with. We love flying, and we enjoy helping our clients or any other interested parties learn more about the many options they have in owning and operating their own airplane.

Aircraft Sales

When you list your aircraft with Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales, you benefit from the energetic efforts of a nationwide team of sales professionals, using proven tactics refined over decades in the business. We will help you price your aircraft appropriately, present it to the most qualified buyers, and work tirelessly until it sells. We use a powerful combination of digital and print media marketing tools along with continuous personal contact with potential buyers and a nationwide network of brokers and dealers. As the pre-owned aircraft business becomes increasingly globalized, we have also built a network of contacts around the world where your airplane may command an even higher price than in the U.S.

Aircraft Acquisitions

You may know exactly what type of aircraft you are seeking to purchase. Or you may benefit from exploring a range of models from different manufacturers. Whatever your objective, Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales is able to help you locate the best possible aircraft from among a carefully screened set of candidates that meet our high quality standards.

Once the aircraft is identified, we will help you carefully evaluate it, taking a very hands-on approach to inspections, test flights, checking log books and performing the diligent scrutiny required to make a recommendation to buy. Then we will do the crucial market analysis to make sure that you pay the right price without overpaying for the aircraft.


We take a highly consultative approach to every transaction, whether buying or selling an aircraft. We educate ourselves and our clients on the latest developments in new aircraft as well as the most important pricing trends in new and pre-owned aircraft—piston, turboprop and jet. We serve as trusted advisors to a wide range of individual airplane owners, corporate flight departments and others.

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