Piston to Turbine Transition Specialists

At Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales, we offer expertise in technically advanced, high performance, owner-flown aircraft. We are uniquely structured to help aircraft owners make the transition from their piston airplanes to a turboprop or jet aircraft. We have guided numerous pilots and aircraft owners through this process. We serve as your knowledgeable advocate, enabling you to make a confident decision in stepping up to the turbine aicraft that meets your evolving private air travel needs.

It all begins with an analysis of your changing mission for a faster, more capable aircraft. We help you develop a strategic plan for the number and length of trips you take, the amount used for business or leisure, the aircraft features you need and the number of passengers you are likely to carry. We help you look not only at near-term requirements, but how the right aircraft can address your future needs as well. We also help you explore all your options and even arrange for a series of test flights based on the aircraft that best fit your needs.

When it comes to selling your current airplane and purchasing a new one, you’ll find unrivaled expertise and professionalism from the Lone Mountain team. We have successfully overseen hundreds of aircraft transactions, and can even purchase your current aircraft if that will help to expedite the transition into your next plane. Along with your CPA or financial advisor, we will also help you structure the sale or acquisition to maximize tax advantages.

If you are considering the move from a piston to a turbine aircraft, give us a call, and talk to one of our transition specialists at 888-566-3686.

When you've flown, owned, purchased and sold as many aircraft as we have here at Lone Mountain Aircraft Sales, you can't help but learn a lot. And we pass this knowledge and insight on to our customers.